The Greatest Dunk Never Seen

07.13.09 9 years ago 21 Comments

“The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.” – Gin Rummy

What I wouldn’t give to have The Boondocks and Aaron McGruder around right about now.

By this time I’m sure everyone’s aware what went down in Akron last week. LeBron James was dunked on in a pick-up game during his LeBron James Skills Academy by Xavier guard Jordan Crawford. Now most people would think ‘big deal,” watch the video a few times and get on with their lives. Except for one fact. There’s no video evidence of the event. Well…there is a video, but it’s locked away in Phil Knight’s store house along with all the quality leather they used before the turn of the century. Due to some camp rule which was or wasn’t stipulated up front depending on who you talk to, all tape was handed over to camp handlers at the behest of Nike (or was it LeBron?)

However, one thing the world seems to agree on is the fact that the dunk did happen. ESPN’s been reporting and commentating on it since it occurred and people have been sprouting up on both sides of the issue to give their opinion. Personally, I don’t care that he got dunked on. It’s happened before and it will happen again. It’s just the fact that I can’t see the dunk. which only makes me want to see it more. That probably has more to do with the fact that it’s the middle of July and watching SportsCenter feels like Groundhog Day with it’s endless loop of strikeout’s, homer’s & diving catches. But also due to the fact that I like to see people get dunked on. Hell, who doesn’t like to see people get dunked on?

So this is really just to shine a spotlight on Jordan Crawford aka The kid who performed the greatest dunk never seen. I’ve never heard of dude and he plays college ball just down the road from me. This interview on ESPN’s First Take came through my Google Reader and I had to take a look. Dude’s doing everything right though, he’s taking everything in stride and enjoying his 15 minutes. He appears to be humble about the whole scenario and realizes it doesn’t mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Hopefully, Nike (& maybe LeBron) will realize this and let the video see the light of day. No one’s gonna think any less of him than they did when he walked off the court looking like a sore loser. Be it right or wrong, this image is only going to cement that vision for the rest of the summer. Because come October this will all be forgotten.

And if I can’t get the real video, can I at least get someone to make a video of Lil’ Dez quizzing LeBron like he did Kobe? It’s only right.

BONUS — Kobe: “You’re not dunking on me at my camp.”

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