Jose Guapo – “Changes” (Tupac Remake) x Jose’s World 2 Mixtape

11.02.13 4 years ago

jose guapo jose's world

Common sense, a commodity that I am very fortunate to possess, tells me that I am likely committing heresy to just mention Tupac and an ATL trap rapper like Jose Guapo in the same sentence.

Jose’s World 2 is good, better than most of what I hear of this post-Future, rapping/Auto-Tuning* style. It’s full of beats from cats like KE On Tha Track and C4, and other up and coming producers that have been catching my attention. Ahh, Atlanta. “F*ck The Rap Game” and “Shootin Stars” are especially dope, and he doesn’t sound super obnoxious like some other artists that are addicted to pretending that they can sing.

“Changes (2Pac Remake)” is the standout moment on the too-long tape, and one that’s easy to miss. Tacked on like an afterthought at the very end, Jose’s take on ‘Pac’s classic was very unexpected, a reward for sticking it out that far, and especially cool to me because I’ve been listening to a lot of Pac lately. In the culture of the turn up and probably everything that Suze Orman disapproves of, he shows a side that is suppressed by his contemporaries in their music. Jose might stay in his world too long, but “Changes” makes up for it.

Stream the full project below and/or download it here.

* — Auto-Tuning needs to be a thing. Not Auto-Tuned singing. These cats couldn’t sing to save their lives, so I’m going to stick from Auto-Tuning as a style from here on out.

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