Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks Possible “The Dark Knight Rises” Spinoff

08.16.12 6 years ago 12 Comments

For those yet to see The Dark Knight Rises but still plan on it, this post should be off-limits because spoilers follow.

The Dark Knight Rises ended things on a relatively cheery note, all things considered. Bruce Wayne finally found a way to walk peacefully into the sunset, setting up Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s Robin as Gotham’s next caped crusader. In an interview on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, JGL discusses his character, as well as the the movie’s ending. He doesn’t give any hints about the future of the series, but it’s more than worth a spin if you’re a Bat fan.

And on the subject of Gordon-Levitt’s Robin rendition, the more I think about it, the more I’m a fan. He never wore a red cape or green shorts, but the role he played in the movie more than did the sidekick label justice. Those that weren’t feeling it – and there are quite a few – need to remember that Christopher Nolan movies are grounded in realism, even with Anne Hathaway fighting crime in spandex.

Only time will tell if another director continues the series, but a reboot besting Nolan’s trilogy seems improbable. It might be time to give JGL a shot in the spotlight, bringing the Batman mythology somewhere it’s never been on the silver screen – beyond Bruce Wayne.

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