Josh Howard Don’t Care About White People

09.19.08 9 years ago 34 Comments

A few thoughts…

— When I first saw & heard the actual footage of Josh’s comments, I couldn’t really tell if the camera was messed up or the clip was. I’m glad to know it’s the camera. Looks like somebody was using a Flip.

— Not only does Obama have to worry about dumb rappers using his name in vein, now he has to worry about dumb ballers using it as well.

— Who ever Josh’s shoe contract is with will see a boost in sales & should pay him more. Their product has to get quite a bit of camera-time in the No. 29’s mouth.

— After watching the news clip of Winston-Salem folks, I don’t know if just Josh or if his whole hometown drank water with high levels of something that makes their speech slurred. At first, I blamed it on Josh’s heavy marijuana usage.

— While some are appalled by Howard’s statements, I’m equally appalled @ racist responses from various people hittin up Mark Cuban’s blog. But my outrage only lasted for a brief moment because then I was happy to be living in America, a land where both sides can say whatever the fuck they want.

— When I was 16, I was beginning to read for myself, discovering history’s mysteries & picking up my militancy. Early in the school year, I decided that the Pledge did not apply to me, therefore I wasn’t gonna stand up for it anymore. I even convinced Cookiehead that he shouldn’t stand either, joining my small act of civil disobedience.

Unbeknown to me, Ms. Priestley, my first period Chemistry teacher, called my Mom. She, in turn, called my Dad. He, in turn, informed me that he & several of my uncles had fought in Vietnam in the name of truth, democracy and all that crap.

I was not convinced.

He imparted to me a final piece of wisdom.

“You gone stand and pledge allegiance to me because if that white lady call the house again, I’mma stick my foot in ya ass. You can daydream, do whatever you want but you’ll be standing and you better be saying it loud.”

My Dad is one of those dudes who is not above exercising force to make sure thy will be done.

Needless to say, I stood the next morning.

I ain’t mad @ Josh.

But he bet not let my Daddy catch wind of this.

Thanks For The Advice On Josh [BlogMaverick]

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