Phone Tap: JR Writer Disses Cam’ron, Jim Jones & Dame Dash In Prison Freestyle

05.31.14 4 years ago 9 Comments

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“Do he still f*ck with Cam? Do he still f*ck with Jim?/If niggas turned their back on you, would you still f*ck with them?”

Honesty hour: I had no clue JR Writer was even locked up.

I’m sure it’s been after, but the last recollection of The Writer of Writers I distinctly remember is this 2008 YouTube video of JR getting jacked for his chain.

That being said, the former Diplomat has a mixtape dropping Independence Day ironically titled I’m Done Talkin’. “Live From Ulster Correctional” is JR using his phone privileges to wax poetic for five minutes, taking shots at former friends Dame Dash, Jim Jones and Cam in the process. Much has happened in the near decade since The Dips officially went their separate ways, so your guess is as good as mine as to what “turned their back on you” actually details.

Nevermind that, though. As a life member The Dipset Coalition of America, I must admit the roll out for the project is somewhat intriguing. Not because I’m overly excited to hear a present day JR Writer rap. I floated back and forth countless times where JR ranked in the group’s hierarchy during the Dips’ heyday. Instead, witnessing how his team plans to get most people to give a damn and download a tape that drops on the one of the biggest “I’m-nowhere-near-a-computer” holidays is the real theater here.

The anticipation for a new JR Writer mixtape in 2014 doesn’t seem exactly promising.

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