Juicy J Ft. The Weeknd – “One Of Those Nights” Video

06.20.13 4 years ago 4 Comments

Although most listeners wouldn’t immediately know it, but “One Of Those Nights” is actually a Juicy J song featuring The Weeknd single and not the other way around. The track felt that way when we first heard it back in February and the new video won’t do much to change the perception of who it belongs to.

The action begins with Abel at a bar, presumably intoxicated and relaxing with his lady friends. A gun-toting thief comes in demanding money yet The Weeknd remains calm. Juicy J, who appears in an estimated 15% of the clip, rolling up and getting a blowjob, comes in at the end and, without ruining the ending twist, let’s just say he saves the day. You know, it’s another “One Of Those Nights” in the chronicles of the Juiceman.

Juicy’s Stay Trippy is due out sometime this year.

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