Juicy J Is Going To Outlast All Of Us

07.04.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

Juicy J is going to outlive us all. I’m sure of it.

Even if he doesn’t, he’s still likely to have a longer rap career than most of the artists who started making music in the same era as him. The Juice joined Taylor Gang and revamped his image to become the poster child man for turning up. This new tradition that continues on the self-produced “Holy Ghost” (“Twelve shots got me sweatin’ like a preacher, Caught the holy ghost…”) where he’s joined by Lil Bibby, Crazy Mike, and Lil Awree. Juicy likes the rap game Jeff Spicoli in how younger guys want to been seen hanging with the upperclassmen to prove their balls are big and, in turn, they make it so Juicy can co-opt a little of their cool, too, and that’s how he’s really going to last. It’s a position only afforded a few, Snoop being another name that comes to mind.

The other track, “You Don’t Know,” is Juicy running solo on the verses but partnered with his running mate Mike WiLL, the two having made considerable noise together prior to now. Nothing out of the ordinary here as he raps “Tired of shittin’ on n****s, I’m ’bout to vomit, champagne with my omelet, N****s say I’m still usin’ ebonics, but I’m still countin’ these commas.” LCD raps over production that would easily work in TV crime drama.

Juicy’s going to take the route that yields the most results with the least amount of effort. Nothing too strenuous. That’s how he’s going to outlive all of us.

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