“Smokin, Rollin'” – Review Of Juicy J’s ‘Stay Trippy’

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Following the success of the massive crossover hit, “Bandz A Make Her Dance” with Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, The Juice Man’s full chronicles are further detailed on his solo album, Stay Trippy. Here are four thoughts about Juicy’s composition.

1. Stay Trippy is very… Unique

The album understands its lane perhaps better than most projects in recent memory. This isn’t to say it’s better than (insert album) or the best period. Rather, Trippy embodies its title in exquisite fashion. The journey throughout the 16-track adventure into the life of Juicy is just that, a step-by-step gospel-like instruction manual to entering his world of loud packs, liquor, pills and sex. Lots of sex. Perhaps no song describes J’s current lifestyle better than “Money A Do It” with lyrics that would be sure to send the suits at FOX News into a tizzy:

“Full of codeine in my styrofoam cup
I can turn a church girl into a stone cold slut
Bad red bone, puttin’ on the show
No I’m not gon’ wife her up cuz she errbody ho
F*ckin’ with them broke n*ggas, so what does she think
Need to get your mind right, b*tch, and come get these Franklins…”

Introspection has never been Juicy’s bread and butter. Understanding this before clicking play equates to a much more entertaining audio acid trip.

2. Stick to your strong suits, J

The only true knock against Trippy is that it at times attempts to venture into territories not exactly conducive to Juicy’s zone. Where songs in the vein of “Bandz,” “Scholarship” and “No Heart, No Love” showcase Juicy near his most comfortable, other records – like “Bounce It” and “Talkin’ ‘Bout” – come off as too much of a reach to deliver a “hit.”

3. The guest spots are especially for the old heads

Pimp C’s on the album. And for the nostalgic freaks in attendance, so is Project Pat.

4. The whole thing, really, is just a giant testament to Juicy’s unexpected longevity

The back-to-back-to-back run of “Wax,” “Gun Plus A Mask” featuring Yelawolf and “Smoke A Nigga” with Wiz Khalifa was the best sequence on the album. Listen to Yela’s verse and realize his style likely would’ve translated over to any album in Three 6’s catalog as a noteworthy guest feature. Listen to the haunting, trunk rattling instrumental on “Smoke.” All three represent tributes to signature sounds Juicy once created alongside the likes of DJ Paul and Crunchy Black. Was it the same? Of course not, but it was yeoman’s work nonetheless.

Stay Trippy is the culmination of a run set forth by Juicy J the past several years to re-establish the demand behind his music, story and brand. Between the Taylor Gang affiliation, the stellar mixtapes with Lex Luger and more, consider the mission accomplished. Whether or not the gang re-assembles one more time for a Three 6 reunion remains to be seen; however, Juicy J has provided a solid solo effort that has calmed the need for one and become one of the better projects heading into the final quarter of 2013.


Label: Taylor Gang, Kemosabe, Columbia | Producers: Wiz Khalifa (executive), Juicy J (executive), Dr. Luke (executive), Baby E, Crazy Mike, Cirkut, Danny Boy Styles, Nineteen85, ID Labs, J-Bo, Lex Luger, Mike WiLL Made It, Recollect, Ritz Reynolds, SAP, Supa Dups, Timbaland, Young Chop

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