Juicy J – “Stop It” Video

11.01.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

juicy j stop it video

If ever I found myself in a position to be in need of a life coach – you know, paying someone to tell me how not to be a loser, from what I can tell – then I’d want that special honor to befall on Juicy J.

That whole trippy lifestyle, at least according to him, seems superior to the non-trippy way of life. Although, he hasn’t had quite the same fervor in releasing videos like he did the in Blue Dream and Lean days, I’m glad to see “Stop It” with the visual that it deserves. All J’s advice is on point, some of which Suze Orman would agree with. Of course I would rather pay in cash than make payments! Plus, who hasn’t imagined quitting your job, yelling at everyone, and then flipping a table or desk like that?

Juiceman, the role model. I rest my case.

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