The World According To Julie J: Fight Night Music

06.07.14 4 years ago 4 Comments

We’ve heard from Migos plenty this week, with a new song and videos (and I’m still obsessing over “Looking For You”, btw). Of it all, though, their video for “Fight Night” is easily the crown jewel. The glossy, big-budget feel of the 90s rap video is back for the night, with money, lights, cars, and ladies. Is this a daily occurrence for the Migos? Possibly, although it’s still cool to see the whole town shut down and show out for the big event, even the mom’s. What’s a Las Vegas, anyway?

There are plenty of cameos in what can basically serve as a splashy introduction to “New Atlanta.” In jeans and a white tee, a casually dressed Thugger Thugger is featured prominently throughout, even though his hand-rubbing handler is no where to be seen. See how many others you can spot.

This is also quite likely the closest that I will ever come to watching any type of fight on TV. And you thought I was kidding about their deluge of material this week? Here’s their video for “Who The Hell,” from Streets On Lock 3. The growling is a nice touch in this song.

Chill Will Ft. Young Scooter & Shy Glizzy – “Shootah Shootah”

Another day, another artist from Atlanta who I’ve been hipped to. A labelmate to Migos, Chill Will isn’t brand new, but he hasn’t been out forever, either.

To assert himself, I’d say that he’s bringing the big guns out, but Gotty would shake his head at me for being corny. Instead, he recruits Young Scooter and Shy Glizzy, who has the scene stealing verse. This hook, though, is also quite catchy, and probably the part that sticks out most with that slight reggae lilt to it.

This will live on his upcoming tape Live From The Bando. Considering the company he keeps, it will be worth checking, if you’re into that type of thing, or by extension, the type of music I typically gravitate toward in my little world.

Rome Fortune – “Can I Get A Minute” (Prod. By C4)

Rome Fortune remains one of the more interesting, outlier rappers from Atlanta. And by “interesting,” I mean it in the truest sense of the word, not the bland way that the Internet has made it out to be. He’s always worth checking because it’s typically something new. He takes risks, and is great making multiple types of music. Just compare this to his recent Drive Thighs and Lies EP [LINK TO JULIE LOVE POST WHEN THAT WAS COVERED].

And C4 with the obvious Bay influenced beat? Not mad. Not mad at all.

Dose Ft Jose Guapo – “Re Up”

You know that feeling you get, when you think you recognize an instrumental that you swear you heard like two years ago? Then, a new song pops up and it is like an itch you can’t scratch, but you swear that you recognize it? It’s like a cousin to deja vu or something.

Anyway, along those lines, where you just sit there and it bothers you, I thought I knew Dose from somewhere. My iTunes library says No, and he’s not one of the more SEO-friendly rappers out there, so this is a rare occasion that The Google isn’t being help. I won’t even try Siri.

In any case, “Re Up” is his new song with Jose Guapo, who I generally check for because I like that swaggy little guy.

Jeff Chery – “So What”

Not an actual music video, but a “mood viral” video. The black and white video a little more exciting that just staring at a Soundcloud player, I suppose. The synths soar behind the Haitian born rapper, and the images of his home country somehow seem to make them all the more soaring, giving it an added dimension. Or it makes it all more believable, which is not to say that I don’t not believe him in his raps. Add in those trappy hi-hats, and I’m a happy camper (except I don’t do that camping sh*t).

bloody jay better be kareful

Bloody Jay – “Better Be Kareful” (Prod. By Ferrari Smash)

You may remember Bloody Jay as one half of the curiously named duo Black Portland, along with Young Thug. He’s been quiet because he’s been locked up, and this appears to be his first venture to the booth now that he’s free.

Listening to this, there’s no doubt from that he’s ready to be back rapping. The time away seems to have removed some of his Black Portland partner’s influence, as he’s straight rapping here. Ferrari Smash’s pompous beat is the perfect soundtrack to Jay making one veiled threat after another.

Like many before him, and many after him, Ferrari Smash is another producer who has started to rap. Add him to the very long list that includes Zaytoven, Lex Luger, Southside, Young Chop, and Paris Bueller. I feel like I’m forgetting one, or two, or twelve, but the reality is that most of them aren’t very good, and they should stick to the producing. I literally have no good reason for keeping a running list of them, but I feel like it needs to be done.

kolley all night

Kolley – “All Night”

Kolley’s distinct voice is defiant of a description, or maybe that’s just me admitting defeat in being able to pin down the best adjective for it. He is blessed to have a voice that sticks out.

“All Night” isn’t by any means rewriting the DNA code or curing diseases, but it’s worth bumping, especially late into these weekend night.

Avatar Darko – “Nowhere To Be Found” (Prod. By Southside)

My personal recommendation on this one is listening to it very, very loudly. That’s how I heard it for the first time, so maybe I’m biased.

If you’re ever wondering where to find our Russian friend Avatar Darko, he gives us more than a couple hints throughout the song. Av keeps us engaged, subtly switching his flow up just enough to where it isn’t the focus of the song, but noticeable. He even throws in a little humor in between all of his tough talk (“fastforward a couple years and I’m still getting weird, young OG still can’t grow a beard”).

Avatar has been moving outside his lane of songs that hinge on his Russian trap rap identity with songs like “Murda Murda” and “Sushi Boats.” I will admit, though, that I’m partial to songs like “Nowhere To Be Found.” And Southside beats, of course.

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