Jungle 45 & DJ Jamad – Afro Forty Five

09.17.08 9 years ago 21 Comments

In the inbox, Semloh hit me up with the following message & link…

Well we had an Arts, Beats, & Lyrics night here in Jackson and he (Jamad) was here giving them out (stole my boyfriend’s). Don’t know if it qualifies as an Afromentals though..gimme a coupla hours & I’ll throw it your way.

If he’s giving it out, I figure we can as well.

Jungle 45 & DJ Jamad – Afro Forty Five

Stayed tuned because I know you all have been asking for some more from Jamad. In an effort to appease you, we’re working on something. I’d say make sure to check in dilligently over the weekend.

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