Junior Seau Has A Case Of The Mondays

10.18.10 7 years ago 4 Comments

I officially cannot wait for Madden ’12. EA decided to add some new features this time around to serve as sort of a crossover between games. Now in what’s being called ‘Story Mode,’ I can play as Junior Seau, and in a PGA Golf-esque fashion I can put a licking on my wife, grab my SUV, and promptly drive it off a cliff. And if I do enough tricks on my way down, I can unlock a bonus level where I can play Shawne Merriman and I get to strangle Tila Tequila.

Such would be my gaming pleasure if I lived in South Park, Colorado.

But on a more real note, this is a really shitty situation because Junior Seau, or at least his intentions, genuinely are good. Being in San Diego, I work with a non-profit who in partnership with his Seau Foundation have donated millions together to the underprivileged in the form of after school programs, affordable housing units and food. Just a couple weeks ago, I was at a local high school for their football field’s grand opening, and its construction was sponsored by non other than, yup, the Seau Foundation. It’s sad because the impact the guy has on his community is real, and very visible, and for it to be tarnished over something like this is a shame and embarrassment.

On the bright side though, at least he didn’t wife the broad, so his pockets can hurt a bit less than his image.


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