‘Jurassic Park’ Movie Sequel Given Name, Release Date

09.11.13 4 years ago 3 Comments

TO GO WITH AFP STORY - View of the Juras

Pencil Jurassic Park into that huge 2015 movie docket. The classic dinosaurs-f*cking-sh*t-up series has a concrete release date for the long-rumored fourth installment. Tentatively dubbed Jurassic World, fans of the series can look forward to a June 12th release date, per Rolling Stone.

No story details have been released yet, but if you remember the closing scene of Jurassic Park 3, a group of Pteranodons was seen flying away from their island, free to roam the planet. Factor that with the new movie’s title, and it’s easy to speculate the direction that the franchise is going: dinosaurs attacking cities. Or maybe living peacefully with people and coexisting with them. But most likely, attacking cities.

And now, let’s take inventory on the big-budget movies that are going to be vying for your attention in two years: this new Park sequel, Star Wars: Episode VII, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Superman vs. Batman, and possibly a new Avatar flick.

I’m budgeting for at least $75 spent at the movies that year just on tickets alone. I’ll probably sneak my snacks in through my old lady’s purse.

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