In Jumping The Shark News: Steven Spielberg Says “Jurassic Park 4” Is Happening

07.25.11 6 years ago 12 Comments

Steven Spielberg announced during a Q&A session at San Diego Comic Con 2011 that Jurassic Park 4 is very much in the works and that we can expect to see it within the next two to three years. Indiana Jones was the last timeless franchise Spielberg tried to reboot and the end results were brutal as audiences were forced to watch a twenty-years-too-old Harrison Ford pal around with Shia LaBeouf and hide from nuclear bombs in refrigerators. Really bad.

Granted, the Jurassic Park series isn’t dependent on the talents of a single actor like Indiana is with Harrison Ford. And, in the end, it’s just going to be a bunch of dinosaurs eating people, probably in 3D. I can get on board with that, no matter how unoriginal or uninspired the actual movie may be.

[Screen Junkies]

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