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10.27.08 9 years ago 9 Comments

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I have two nieces and four nephews.

They have kept me sane, saved my life, and brought me an infinite amount of happiness. I cannot possibly imagine what Jennifer Hudson is going through. On top of hearing that her mother and brother were slain, a body was found this morning and it is believed to be her nephew’s. I truly hope that somehow Jennifer and the rest of her family can find some way to be at peace and persevere through this tragedy.

A few weeks ago, Gotty put up a map showing the violent crimes in Chicago, which pretty much concentrated on the Southside. If any good can come from these murders, hopefully it will shed some light on the terrible situation going on in that area and the city as a whole.

If you do any praying or whatever you do on the spiritual tip, go ahead and take a few extra moments and think about Jennifer Hudson, her family and anyone else facing similar tragedies.

Body Found After Search For Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew [Reuters]

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