Just Blaze Made The Sneaker World Clutch Their Collective Wallets

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
07.04.14 9 Comments

Just Blaze Packer Shoes Saucony Snow Beach

Just Blaze didn’t say much after posting the above picture to his Instagram. He didn’t have to, honestly.

Every ‘Lo head, Hip-Hop head and sneakerhead out there recognizes those colors and fonts as a reference to the mythical Ralph Lauren “Snow Beach” pullover from ages ago. First made famous to many in rap world by Raekwon and with a spirit carried on by Just, who seems to have collaborated with Packer Shoes and Saucony for what should be a truly epic final product.

Update: Just Blaze apparently wore the new shoe to DJ Clark Kent’s annual BBQ. With sneakerheads in abundance, pictures were taken and uploaded to the Gram with the swiftness.

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