Just Blaze x Baauer – “HIGHER”

01.18.13 5 years ago 10 Comments

Sometimes, waking up early has its advantages when it comes to this thing of ours. Being up before the sunrises means having the pick of the litter for which music to share. Wake up late or find yourself in a Pacific time zone and there’s nothing but leftover Gillie Da Kid scraps to chat about. So to the rest of The Crew, *middle fingers and evil laugh* I got this new Just Blaze, you slackards.

Cadet calls concoctions like these “art school beats,” which may or may not be accurate depending on your listening ears. I do know Julie, Queen of the Trap, should appreciate the fact that Just Blaze keeps inserting his vision into the music from her realm. For “HIGHER,” Blaze links with Baauer, producer extraordinaire and JB’s current tour partner, for a collision of EDM, rap sounds, 808s, syths and bits of Jay-Z’s “You Don’t Know” ad-libs sprinkled in for added effect, which Just dubbed as “Trap-Hop.” Enjoy!

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