Justin Bieber – “Change Me”

12.02.13 4 years ago 22 Comments

justin bieber-change-me

Monday isn’t just Monday for Bielebers. They’re #MusicMondays where Justin Bieber shares a new tune on a weekly basis and, generally speaking, they seem to be the highlight of Tinsley’s week, or at least the key to kicking it off right.

But, Justin, the writer, isn’t around this morning so I took a chance on Justin, the singer, and his latest, “Change Me.” What caught me off guard is how good the song actually is. While I wouldn’t dare toss him in the same lane as Musiq, “Change Me” shares a similar key and melody as the Soulchild’s big hit, “Love.” And the young pop star displays an honest maturity with the song’s lyrics: “Don’t fight fire with fire, If I’m screaming, talk quieter…be like serenity, help reposition my mind, Take a chance, make a difference in my life.” Young or old, those words carry weight because we all want a partner who can help push us in a positive direction. That one who can handle our idiosyncrasies and shortcomings with patience and the ability to persevere.

All these years (and the growing pains plus other antics aside), watching the kid’s growth musically – from his voice to the content of his songs – is still amazing to hear and watch take place. And, after “Change Me,” maybe I’ll start looking forward to Mondays a little more, too.

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