Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know The Words To His Own Christmas Song, Swears To Audience Instead

Contributing Writer

Four years is a long time. A lot of things can happen over that stretch, so misremebering a long-forgotten Christmas song is something that sounds fairly likely. Unfortunately for Justin Bieber — but fortunately for us — that’s exactly what happened to him during his An Acoustic Evening With Justin Bieber performance in Toronto on Monday night. But adding insult to injury, he wasn’t just singing a holiday classic; he was singing his own song.

If it weren’t for the mountains of cash he made by selling three million copies, I wouldn’t doubt if Bieber forgot that the entire Under the Mistletoe album existed — sh*t happens, right? But it does exist, and since ’tis the season, the Biebs decided to run through a few of the tracks for the intimate crowd at the show.

Not even a few lines into his original Christmas song “Christmas Eve,” Bieber draws a blank and asks the same question any of us would have asked: “What the f*ck are the words?” And since he streamed the entire show live on his website, the whole world got to see the flub.

After some laughter from the crowd, Justin jumped right into the second verse like the true pro he is and the rest of the show went off without a hitch. Bieber spent about 90 minutes on stage running through his hits and serenading a fan on her 16th birthday. He also covered songs from The Beatles, Ne-Yo, Tracy Chapman and even performed his “Hotline Bling” remix. Check out the entire show below.

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