So Justin Bieber’s Still Doing That Rap Thing

11.18.11 6 years ago 46 Comments

Tim Tebow’s dismantling defenses to lead heroic, late game victories while Justin Bieber’s rapping better than half the MCs in your iPod. Down is up. Up is down. I don’t know what’s going on in the world any more.

I will say this: forget a paternity test. Bieber needs to show me the piece of paper where he supposedly wrote these lyrics. Ferris Bueller came out 25 years ago and Biebs is dropping references? Hell nawl. Still, for what it’s worth, he has better mic presence and delivery than Diddy, so I don’t really mind that he didn’t write it. Let’s just face it now so you don’t get your Kool Moe Dee boxer briefs in a bunch: Biebs is dropping a rap/pop hybrid album at some point and people will love it. It’s not like it’ll be any more dipped in Splenda than Take Care. So just start accepting the fact that Justin Bieber is going to be America’s next big rap star. Enjoy the future.

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