Here’s A Video Of Justin Bieber Dropping The N-Word. Repeatedly.

06.01.14 4 years ago 100 Comments

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Bieber’s homie told him don’t say it. He tried to warn him. Said friend can be heard off camera, “Don’t even say it, don’t say it.”

But, Bieber did it anyway.

What’s “it,” you ask? Saying the dreaded n-word in a joke gone rouge. Yeah, the one n-word that rhymes with “trigger.”

According to Page Six, the clip was shot while filming his 2011 documentary Never Say Never and features the then-teenage Biebs, for whatever reason, launching into joke that, in this 44-second clip, doesn’t even make much sense.

There’s no context except it appears like Bieber’s hanging out with a few friends who have their faces blurred. Granted the footage is obviously older, no pop star who’s already struggling to maintain his mainstream appeal wants something like this to surface. Even as a joke, it’s hard to explain away without even a small number of fans walking away offended.

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The international pop star’s team reportedly attempted to keep the video under wraps with a hefty, undisclosed amount of cash. However much it was, the amount wasn’t enough and now Bieber and he powers that be are (likely) in full-fledged damage control mode.

Update: TMZ claims they had the video several years ago, but never ran with it because Beiber “was 15 and immediately told his friends what he did was stupid.” Which makes sense because TMZ never wants to publicize celebrities doing dumb stuff. Right.

They also report that Bieber “is ‘frustrated and sad’ and now wants to address it publicly,” which should take place soon.

Update #2: Bieber releases a statement chalking the incident up to being an idiot kid. Read the apology in full here.

Update #3: Uh oh. Beiber’s had yet another video surface and it’s filled with n-word usage plus a KKK reference. Go here for more details.

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