Justin Bieber Released A Video For Every Song From His ‘Purpose’ Album

11.16.15 2 years ago 3 Comments

It was a little more than two years ago that I heard several of the weekly leaks from Justin Bieber’s Journals and was wowed. The person and artist I had decided Bieber was in my head, and the music I heard, were so far apart from each other that it blew my mind. Perception had unfortunately become reality, and boy was my perception of Justin Bieber wrong.

From there, I spent weeks and months convincing those around me that they had to hear Journals. I was met with plenty of skepticism each time I told a friend “trust me, I know it’s Justin Bieber, but this sh*t is fire.” Gradually, that skepticism turned into apologies and gratitude. It was Justin Bieber, but it was fire.

All of that led me to Purpose, Bieber’s latest album, and yet another step in his journey from Justin Bieber, teenybopper, to Justin Bieber, R&B savant. It’s not a complete conversion, because there are elements of electro-pop still to be found in his music to cater to his home base. But seeping through the cracks is the artist Bieber wants to be. The best example of the full-on R&B Bieber on Purpose is the Travi$ Scott-assisted “No Sense,” displayed above. That track, as well as all the songs on the album, have been given videos within Bieber’s Purpose: The Movement visual album. Check out the full playlist below and listen to Purpose in its entirety here.

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