100-Word Album Review: Juvenile’s “Rejuvenation”

06.25.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

Words By Jesse H. | @JHagen34

Based on the blasé pun, one could argue Juvenile is angling for a Southern Stillmatic with Rejuvenation. Instead, the Nolia vet comes to the cookout sans matchbook. From the retread lyrics on “Fall Back,” to a casually-dropped Master P punchline, to the vague Pen + Pixel cover mosaic, the album is littered with half-assed attempts to rekindle the spark of 400 Degreez. The “Mardi Gras” hook sounds like if your parents were to attempt hashtag rap, while “Ahh Haa” is lovable in a family member-with-a-lobotomy kind of way. Don’t expect Hov to be calling to hop on the remix.

Standout Song: “Power” (decent Snap! sample and Rawse verse)

Ones To Skip: “Mardi Gras,” “Can’t Stop My Money,” “Lost My Mind”

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