Watch Kanye West Listen To A Guy Kick A Once In A Lifetime Freestyle On The Street

02.08.15 3 years ago 30 Comments

Words By Rich Homie Carlos

When opportunity knocks, people usually have to be ready to grab their coats and run out the door.

In the case of aspiring rapper Cameron Grey, his opportunity to spit for Kanye West came on the streets of Los Angeles on Saturday night.

We’ve seen Kanye give random rappers a chance to kick bars for him before. This time around TMZ caught Kanye, Justin Bieber and friends leaving Big Sean’s epic concert when ‘Ye was approached by the young upstart.

Grey, looking overly nervous and excited, begged Kanye for a moment of his time to spit a few lines for him. Humbly, Yeezus obliged and Grey set it off.

“Hey Mr. West
My name is Cam Grey from the 9-3-7
Came to annihilate
Young heavyweight, primate
Young cam standing in front of Kanye
I wish you would give me a deal
I swear I need it
I swear my whole life this shit I been dreaming
I swear to God I feel it
I swear I made this happen
Last night I told my homie this would happen
I told him I’d meet ‘Ye…”

Judging from the Ye’s reaction from the video he came a way slightly impressed with Grey’s sixteen and asked him to spit another set of rhymes, to which the Biebz can be heard yelling “BARS!” Things get a little cringeworthy but, after a few awkward moments, the guy gathers himself and begins to spit again maintaining, Ye’s attention with his energy.

As a last ditch effort, Grey pleads for a shot to join the G.O.O.D. Music family. He tells Kanye, “I’m not dumb, man. I got my degree, I got my life together, I got my sh*t together. Come on dawg.” Seeing his enthusiasm, Ye offers the guy a possible position as an assistant. Grey seizes the moment, takes the offer and the two switch info.

It’s not a promise of a multimillion dollar, six-album deal but it’s a start and step forward to realizing his dream.

(via Complex)

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