Kanye West To Executive Produce Tyga’s ‘Gold Album’

02.26.14 4 years ago 26 Comments


Scene: Kanye West, Tyga, Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna are going on a double date in some fancy Santa Monica restaurant that you’ve never heard of. The gals are giggling about the possibility of Yeezy and Tyga coming together for an album.

A couple of weeks later in December, the above photo surfaces on Tyga’s Instagram. Later, he removes it, but not before the Internet has buzzed in response (and managed to save the snapshot as well).

Now, we fast-forward to Tuesday, February 25 when Tyga spills the beans on LA’s Power 106.

“Kanye executive producing that, so it’s gonna be a crazy album,” he revealed. “It’s just good to have people like him [and] Wayne. They’re all these people I grew up on. To really be mentored by the greats, it just puts you in that running.”

Yay or nay?

Opinion time: when looking at every rapper wading through the “blatant radio/club reach” pool, Tyga is pretty good at what he does. His entire persona (the whole “Egyptian God” thing needs to die) is corny, and he has one of the more punchable faces in the industry. But I’ll always act like a fool when “Faded” comes on and I’m in the appropriate mindset.

Pair him up with Kanye, and maybe we get treated to some solid club tracks. I won’t complain, and I’ll definitely be listening when that first single drops. Not that he can’t rap anymore, but everything about the last two years of Ye’s career leads me to believe that he doesn’t really want to.

Maybe taking a step back and mentoring a younger generation is exactly he needs to rekindle some magic. Maybe that magic is helping younger cats. Maybe this entire project crashes and burns. Oh, the possibilities!

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