“Plus I Got A Whole City To Hold Down…”

05.08.09 8 years ago 21 Comments

Five long years later and this song ignites mega goosebumps like the first time you’ve heard it on the original leaked College Dropout. And this previously unreleased forgotten clip manages to capture the ambiance and essence of the track magnificently.

I’m no resident of Chicago but anyone whose been, knows the city’s history bleeds through the buildings — whether new or old — to fully embody your experience whether you’re in Hyde Park or out in the Far North somewhere. Such a shame label complacency put a lid on this from blasting on MTV four times and day. As Kanye recounts:

“This video never got played because I refused to remove the titles on it. They said people will think a TV show is going off and I said that’s the whole point. Wow… even only 3 videos in to the game…. I refused to compromise my vision.”

Now if we can get that “Spaceship” video which he deemed unworthy, your semester to a classic school year will be concluded. A+ style.


No College Dropout is complete without it…

Download — Kanye West – “School Spirit” (Explicit Version)

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