Kanye West Played ‘Swish’ For Lamar Odom In The Hospital, And He ‘Loves It’

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12.08.15 6 Comments

While Lamar Odom is still recovering in the hospital, he has managed to find one advantage to being connected with a Kardashian (other than winning a few baby-naming naming pools). It turns out he’s also privy to exclusive music, as Kanye West has reportedly played his long-anticipated album, Swish, for Odom.

In a video tweeted by Team Kanye Daily, Kim noted that while visiting Odom in the hospital, Ye played him the entire album. As for his first impressions, Kim said that Odom “loved it.” Granted, I can’t imagine a situation where Odom is trying to give Ye critiques from the hospital bed, but it’s not like there are too many others who have heard the album.

This probably has little indication on when the album will be released to the public, unfortunately. We’ve been in limbo far too long to believe otherwise. Though, going by Odom and Pusha’s reviews, it may be worth all this wait. For now, though, the only way to listen seems to involve a long stay in the hospital, and I’d rather wait it out for now.

(Via Team Kanye Daily, h/t HipHopDX)

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