Kanye West May Or May Not Have An Album About Florence, Italy, Coming Soon

05.17.14 3 years ago 10 Comments

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian tie the knot on May 24 in what’s sure to be the most epic wedding of all time, leading to complete awesomeness that would’ve melted even Plato’s cranium, in Florence, Italy. Or Versailles. Whatever. Wherever it’s held, though, this wedding will lead to awesome truth and awesomeness.

Going on the assumption that it’s being held in the northern Italian cultural hotspot–and assuming its awesomeness–Italy’s La Nazione spoke with West about things Italians like to know about: fashion, style, culture, their cities. Eventually, the interview lead to the piece’s last bit of dialogue below, as translated by Google:

In these days he has been working on a new album?

“Yes, here in the silence of the countryside, when I finish watching fabrics, embroidery and clothes that are like sculptures to me, pick me because I’m composing an album Made in Florence.”

After asking an Italian friend what this passage actually translated to, the Kanye awesomeness tones itself down a bit:

“Yes, here in the silence of the country side, when I finish looking at textiles, embroidery and clothes that to me are like sculptures, I retire because I’m composing an album all made in Florence.”

So Kanye has a new album on the horizon. It is being recorded in Florence, and might be inspired because of it.

But that Made In Florence title, though? That’s not it. Despite Kanye’s albums occasionally floating the flippant name like Good Ass Job, West usually always opts for something more grandiose and/or edgy (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus) in the end.

Then again, Kanye’s awesomeness and awesome seriousness have been on another level lately, so maybe he’ll actually call it Made In Florence to go along with that rumored spoken-word album.

We suppose we’ll find out what this thing is all about soon enough.

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