Walmart Won’t Win Against Kanye West!

10.21.10 7 years ago 67 Comments

The hell with you, Walmart. You think you can stand up to Kanye West? The only person who single-handedly exposed the fact that then president George W. Bush didn’t care about black people. The one guy who had balls enough to denounce the blind critics that chose to pass over Beyonce for Taylor Swift, informing the world that B had the greatest video of all time. The lone man who replaced his teeth with metal and rocks because his God given enamel teeth weren’t “cool” enough. Walmart, you don’t have the slightest clue as to what kind of monster you’re dealing with.

So what if you deemed his album cover too pictorially explicit for your holy shelves. So what if I think that the cover looks nothing more than a five-year-old boy’s finger painting of a Harry Potter porno scene. So what if the picture wasn’t actually banned, and that Kanye could have avoided all this balderdash by actually listening to his advisers for once and switching the cover to a more user-friendly picture. It makes absolutely no difference! None of this matters because Kanye West is the one man with all that power and he damn sure ain’t afraid to (ab)use it.

Walmart, you should know by now that nothing short of the fashion God himself can stand in the way of ‘Ye from delivering his Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy to the mortal world, strictly on his terms. All you’ve done is add more fuel to the fire because now, instead of one cover to censor, you will have to deal with five covers. That’s right. Walmart, your sweatshops, plantations, and midget laborers will now have to process five different force-fed, equally stomach churning images, that will in all likelihood be in some way more appalling than the one measly, insignificant picture you just discarded in your trash can.

Take that, establishment. #kanyeshrug

And as an added bonus, here’s an insightful interview with Ellen, just before Kanye whiffed on Oprah.

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