Kanye West Firmly Denies Amber Rose’s Sexual Accusations On Twitter

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01.29.16 19 Comments

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In the Twitter beef that just won’t end, Kanye West waited until the middle of the night an entire day later to address Amber Rose’s response to his now deleted tirade against Wiz Khalifa.

It was there that Amber made one very specific accusation about the type of foreplay Kanye enjoys. Well, Kanye calmly let the world know he’s “not into that kind of sh*t.”

(Heh, interesting choice of words there but, moving on.)

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Nobody is really in the right here, just a bunch of adults — people’s parents — acting like idiots because Kanye doesn’t know 2016 weed slang. Kanye made some disparaging remarks about Amber and Wiz’s kid, which caused Amber to immediately go into momma bear mode and here we are.

This all goes back to my longstanding theory that you can’t really trust anything someone’s ex says about them, but I digress. All the ugly mudslinging should be beyond the 38-year-old Kanye and 32-year-old Rose, but this is life in 2016, where rap beefs and arguments with exes happen on Twitter for the world to see and make memes about.

Hopefully, it all ends soon and Kanye’s Waves is at least half as good as he claims it is.

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