Kanye West – “Runaway” Short Film

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There are acts of grandiose, extravagance, and then there’s the act of Kanye. While the latter isn’t exactly an adjective, the English language could have a legitimate case on adding another word into its ever growing library. The ripe, young culture of Hip-Hop has benefited greatly from an one Kanye Omari West since he officially revealed himself to the commercial masses back in 2003. Other musical genres have a had a multitude of polarizing figures and rap music has its fair share of legendary icons that defined the face of the movement, but none have consistently pushed the boundaries of what is allowed in the realm of beats & rhymes.

The red curtain is set again for yet another event that will undoubtedly tack onto his Hall of Fame status. The video for “Runaway” masks itself inside a half-hour video short, that also manages to incorporate several other songs from his forthcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Starring his rumored, current love interest Selita Ebanks and scripted by Hype Williams, the mini-movie embarks on a florid, visually stunning scene – or is it metaphorically confusing? Let your own eyes be the judge. Lord knows Twitter created more than enough film school scholars shortly after the video’s premiere on MTV & BET.

kanye-west-runaway short film

Do remember that overcritical skepticism and antagonizing remarks will hold little weight in terms of how this project will be perceived down the line. Some have labeled it as an indecorous swipe at the art of credible filmmaking. Hip-Hop has become about who can create the biggest spectacle to garner interest in their work. Nobody is “shoving” anything down the public’s throats. The man simply created his own box to devise a promotional vessel, one that’s now blowing every other generic one out of the ocean. Take it as you will but he commands attention just from the allure of the platform he’s standing on. In just under thirty-five minutes, he snatches the title of “most anticipated album of 2010” in undisputed fashion.

For those looking for the abbreviated music video, you can find here. And the pre-order is available on iTunes. Whether you have a crystal flute glass or coffee mug, feel free to toast to the game’s greatest asshole. It’s safe to say his artistic hustle deserves it this time.

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