Khloe Kardashian Says Kanye West Is Taking Input From The Kardashians On ‘Swish’

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01.12.16 19 Comments
Kim Kardashian Kanye West

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Kanye West is finally dropping the long-awaited Swish on February 11, and if you let Khloe Kardashian tell it, it’s going to be a family affair. The youngest Kardashian sister is currently making her media rounds promoting her new show Kocktails with Khloe, and in an interview with Cosmopolitan, the topic of conversation was her brother-in-law and his new album.

Predictably, Khloe gave the album rave reviews, saying “it’s so good” and “they’re all genuinely terrific songs.” Then, after using “us” and “we” several times in relation to the creation of Swish and Khloe corrects herself, saying “I act like I’m recording them” before noting that Kanye values the input of the Kardashian sisters as it pertains to the album.

I know, it’s really cool. And he really cares about our opinions, which I find even cooler. Because we’re not artists, obviously, but he respects what we say so much. He is so passionate. He’s like, every bit the meaning of an artist. He’s so into his craft, and just to see him at work and see how much he respects our opinions, all of us sisters, he wants us all in the studio at different times. Thank god we all live a block away from each other.

It’s an interesting, but not all that surprising development. Kim has appeared more involved in Ye’s music as of late, premiering records and often giving her opinion of her husband’s work. It makes sense, Kanye reportedly re-cut and gave production notes for some of his appearances on the Kardashian’s flagship show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, so clearly the couple don’t mind influencing and being a part of each others work.

Kim’s involvement has drawn some ire from fans — she was pretty excited about “Facts,” after all — so the influence of the Kardashians over Swish probably won’t be met with much fanfare, either. Before the release of “Real Friends” and “No More Parties in LA,” Kanye wasn’t on the greatest run ever, so who knows, this may be beneficial. Or she could be the Yoko Ono of this generation with a with a Klan of sisters and a momager from hell sent here to ruin our John Lennon. Who knows?

As with all things Kardashian, this could all just be a bunch of BS meant to drum up publicity, so take Khloe’s words with the requisite grains of salt. However, just know she warned us if you see “Executive Produced by the Kardashians” in the Swish liner notes. Or if this is the album’s cover.

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