The Throne Steps Off The Stage To Tour Kanye’s Old Neighborhood

12.14.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

There’s always been something extremely inspiring about watching icons step foot into their former stomping grounds. Aside from just the general contrast of world-renown celebrities mingling amidst neighborhood homebodies, seeing hood diplomats like Jay and Kanye walking the streets of Southside Chi-Town for the second installment of VOYR’s mini-documentaries on The Throne is like witnessing a Brinks truck breaking open in the middle of the street. Simultaneously trying to take pictures and makes calls to their friends and family, the people flock to these two men, as if the everyday wear and tear of street survival they face daily instantly faded away upon their arrival. For the people, it proves what these rappers are doing is way beyond music. For the artists, this is their testimonial.

Forget the superiority complex The Throne have been branded with and in-turn adopted, as well as the unfiltered arrogance they display throughout their debut album. Because, while it may seem these two entertainment moguls are trying to take over the world, one swipe of their black card at a time, they’re really just trying to inspire those of us who wonder if there’s a way out these all-too-familiar streets we seem stuck in. Like Yeezy says towards the end of this clip, “We have to rethink, re-inspire. Wash the brain and don’t brainwash. And allow people to think for themselves.”

Coming from the guy who spent six-figures on a watch with his face on it, that statement might just seem like quality public relations to many of you. But, when there’s a message to deliver amidst this materialistic society, sometimes your delivery can seem jaded, even to those of us who want to believe it the most. That’s why this video works so well. By putting the two of the most successful people in America smack dab in the middle of a place considered by many to be inescapable, and showing first-hand how full circle is possible, the message in their music literally comes to life.

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