Kanye West Tweets ‘Bill Cosby Innocent’ And Twitter Hilariously Loses Its Mind

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
02.09.16 22 Comments

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Kanye West has an album coming out on Thursday and, instead of releasing music to create anticipation for it like most artists would typically do, he’s taken to Twitter to share… oh, just about anything that pops into his mind. It’s a strange, strange PR tactic to say the least. While it has created a few humorous moments, it’s mostly been a crapshoot that nets rather shitty returns. A prime example of how badly this social media strategy is working is when, on Tuesday evening, Kanye decided to share his thoughts on Bill Cosby.

Now, Kanye fans typically are a loyal bunch when it comes to their “Dad.” But, his decision to call alleged serial rapist Cosby innocent was met with the sharpest of negative reactions from all corners. You know, because siding with alleged serial rapists in a public forum usually doesn’t pan out well at all.

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