Kanye West Updated ‘Wolves’ On Tidal’s Version Of ‘The Life Of Pablo’

03.16.16 2 years ago 6 Comments
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Kanye West’s The Life Of Pablo may never be finished as he seems to be continuously tinkering with the album a full month after its “release.” The latest audible comes in the form of a new version of “Wolves,” a track that has been released in several iterations before. According to ‘Ye, the newest version released Tuesday night has been a process. “Worked on it for three weeks,” he wrote on Twitter about the track. “Life of Pablo is a living breathing changing creative expression.”

It’s an interesting concept: an album that we’re receiving in several waves and at different stages of completion even if the false starts do prove to be annoying in the long run. Multiple versions of Kanye tracks are hardly a new idea, but making changes to Pablo… is a curious decision seeing as how he’s already sold this album to plenty of people. Still, artistically, an album that can change at a moments notice is intriguing, and, if not for all the Kanye hoopla surrounding it, the entire concept would probably be received better. But Kanye is polarizing Kanye so some people are over it, others are chomping at the bit for Kanye’s updates and he’s taking his time rolling them out.

Either way the updated – it’s never referred to as “final” – version of the track is here, with various but slight differences sonically. It’s a minute longer than the first TLOP version and now includes Sia and Vic Mensa, again, with Frank Ocean pushed onto a completely separate track aptly titled “Frank’s Track.”


“Frank’s Track”

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