Send Karega Bailey’s “Fly Away” To Hip-Hop Antagonists

03.11.13 5 years ago

Dear Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter, Fox News and anyone who views Hip-Hop as a disease to society,

Watch this video. Karega Bailey is teacher, a poet and an artist, and in one of the most moving and innovative methods I’ve come across in recent memory, his “Fly Away” visual is the exact opposite of what you’ve painted my culture as. It’s a video of hope. It’s a video of passion. It’s a video of dedication.

There’s several reasons to point towards Hip-Hop and explain what’s wrong and why it harbors a negative impact on impressionable minds. Yet, songs in the ilk of “Fly Away” show what those embedded in the culture have known for years and those who have taken the opportunity to appreciate this music for what it truly is – Hip-Hop is therapy. Karega’s lyrics and Yusha Asaad’s soulful hook are powerful enough as is. Seeing his students of the Maya Angelou Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., however, reinforce one very, very important fact.

Hip-Hop has and will forever speak to the youth. And it’s not always the music telling us to kill one another either.

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