Kari Faux Ft. SL Jones – “Never Low (Nonchalant Pt. 2)”

10.25.12 5 years ago

Oftentimes, the most memorable parts about music festivals are when you’re taken by surprise and see dope artists you’ve never heard of rock the stage. Such is the case with Kari Faux, who jumped on stage with SL Jones to perform “Never Low (Nonchalant Pt. 2)” during his set at the Perfect Attendance showcase at A3C.

Like Jonesy, Kari Faux hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, and also like Jonesy, is nonchalant in her ability come out of nowhere and rock a track. Over Malik Flint’s mellow production in “Never Low,” for example, the self-described tomboy starts off modestly enough before picking her cadence up and rapping double time, before ending it with some soulful harmonizing to reinforce how she is “Never Low.”

Kari Faux just released her video for “Never Waiting.” While she might be hanging around in her backyard, cooking over the beat by Northern Lights, she’s hungry, and isn’t interested in waiting.

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