Kari Faux – ‘On The Internet’ Video x ‘Laugh Now Die Later EP’

08.18.14 3 years ago 2 Comments

Kari Faux continues her domination of early era computer graphics with her latest “On The Internet” video. It literally looks like she’s trapped in a computer, stuck in a beta version of AOL with these early twenty-first century era effects. In fact, I believe that there was a Are You Afraid Of The Dark episode that featured some kid trapped in a computer, or turning into a computer. I also remember being afraid.

Although Kari Faux has always been sassy and snarky, it seems like she’s embracing it more, and I appreciate that. Hopefully NSA is taking notes from her, and simultaneously thanking her for not crashing the Internet.

After watching “On The Internet,” grab her new Laugh Now Die Later EP below, which is also home to her equally humorous “No Small Talk.”

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