Kate Upton Makes Out With The Southwest Patty Melt In The New Carl Jr.’s Commercial

By 02.27.12

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your model Wire Report, Kate Upton is the newest girl-next-door that’s giving half of America’s populations wet dreams — in the middle of the day. Carl Jr.’s and their sister chain Hardee’s are no strangers to adding a bit of sexy in their sandwich campaigns with the likes of Kim Kardashian and Padma Lakshmi showing off how much meat they can fit in their mouth for a TV spot in the past. Now it’s the calendar girl who’s turning heads at the drive-in, stripping and debuting the Southwest Patty Melt.

After you pick your favorite wallpaper and watch the commercial, head over to Carl Jr.’s and get a coupon towards the new combo. Boobs and burgers. Two completely different entities that can get your blood pressure going.

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