Katt Williams Punched A Teen And Somehow Ended Up In A Full Nelson

Contributing Writer
03.23.16 18 Comments

Maybe it’s all an elaborate ruse, I don’t know, but Katt Williams isn’t much of a comedian anymore. Now, he’s primarily an internet punchline and each week it seems a new incident occurs that makes the one prior to it seem tame.

Late Tuesday night, footage of Katt in a fight with someone much younger than him surfaced. It’s unclear why it started, but, judging by the video below, it’s Katt who throws the first punch. Ultimately, he’s wrestled to the ground and he yells “tap” trying to end the confrontation. The younger man, whom many people in the video identify as “Luke,” eventually lets go. From there the already odd video gets even more odd as Katt just sits on the ground, at one point he asks a bystander if Luke is his child. After that he admonishes the crowd, asking “As a community y’all let a little broke n**** do that to a celebrity?”

It’s all bizarre, made even more ridiculous with how young Luke appears to be. While his Facebook says he attends “FSU” making him at least college aged, Katt continuously calls him “Lil boy,” meaning he understands just how truly young he is. It’s just another in a long line of strange occurrences surrounding Katt and probably won’t be the last.

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