If What Katt Williams Says Is True, Kevin Hart May Want To Start Paying Homage To Him

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07.09.14 48 Comments

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Last year, Mike Epps said the only reason Kevin Hart was hot was because Katt Williams went crazy. Now Katt’s pretty much saying the same thing, minus the crazy part.

In a recent interview with Bishop Don “Magic” Juan, Katt revealed Kevin is where he is right now because of him. According to the troubled comedian, he built the Think Like A Man star.

“I went off the grid. We understood when we did that, that was the potential of what may happen. The only question is who was gon’ benefit from that? And so if some outside entity or some enemy of mine or somebody I had a threat with was the person pretending to be the king then that’s what it would be. But it was only gonna be Kevin Hart. And I told Kevin Hart’s people how to make Kevin Hart. Because I don’t mind competition, I’m really the greatest of all time. So I can build you to fight me boy, boy. You don’t want it.”

Katt is also claiming he started BET’s Hip Hop Awards and eight other shows BET has on the air. Katt says he charged the network nothing because “that’s how real business is done.”

“I created the Hip Hop Awards. They have to pay me no matter who hosts it. Then Stephen Hill said Katt Williams lost a dancing competition to T-Pain and that’s how he ended up hosting it. But I was with the president, Reginald Hudlin, at the time and I came up with eight shows that they put on the air and I didn’t charge a penny and I didn’t do a contract. Because that’s how real business is done. I’m not looking for nothing. I don’t want you to be signed to me, I don’t want to manage you, I don’t want a kickback off what you do.”

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