Katt Williams Believes That ‘Nobody’ Shot Suge Knight

08.26.14 3 years ago 49 Comments

People who indulge themselves in conspiracy theories must be approaching lethal levels of the stuff when it concerns Suge Knight’s shooting before the VMAs. As each day passes, some new “theory” emerges about why an unidentified person shot Knight and two others at Los Angeles’ 1OAK nightclub on early Sunday morning.

The first theory supposed that the shots were intended for Chris Brown, who hosted the event. A second theory then alleged that the gunman aimed for the 49-year-old Knight because of Tupac, Death Row Records, etc.

Well TMZ caught up with comedian Katt Williams because Williams claims to have been there. TMZ then aimed its camera at Williams to rhapsodize about what he thinks of the whole situation, which is a lot, apparently.

Williams dusted off his best legalese for the clip — despite looking almost horrifically haggard — to dissect why he thinks “nobody” shot Suge. Let him explain:

I’m pretty sure Suge knows who shot Suge. So when he comes out of sedation I’m sure anybody who gets shot will tell you who shot him, right. But the police say nobody shot him, then I believe nobody shot him. And if nobody shot him, that’s the same nobody that shot Tupac.

….That’s a lot of nobodies out there, and nobody minds if nobody comes up missing, right? That doesn’t bother nobody, does it? Certainly doesn’t bother me.

Williams then dismisses that the shots were intended for Suge and/or gang-related, while also sort of alluding to the fact that everyone should know whom Suge was protecting.

Now, if you’re an idiot, you can believe this was about Suge Knight, but Suge Knight has been accessible everyday of his life for 20 years. We know who it was aimed at, we know whose life he saved and we know why they won’t talk about it….

You’re saying it was gang-related, so somebody’s gang was shooting at somebody’s gang and somebody’s gang didn’t shoot back? That’s your story? That’s not really how gang stuff works, is it?

A rough approximation says about 70 percent of the clip is Katt rambling incoherently, but a few of Katt’s statements seem to have some wisdom behind them–assuming, of course, that Williams was actually at 1OAK.

Ed. Note: The post originally stated that Suge Knight is 59 years old. He’s actually 49 years old.

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