Kawhi Leonard Dunks On Chris Anderson Because No One Likes Birdman

06.11.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

Science says people with cornrows shouldn’t prosper in 2014.

Well Kawhi didn’t care for nature’s laws Tuesday night as he put up a career game: 29 points on 10-13 shooting (!!!!!) towards the Spurs’ 111-92 Game 3 win. This series should be long so there’s no reason to overreact. Leonard nevertheless gets a hat tip for putting up a hell of a game.

Anyone with half a basketball brain knows Kawhi’s not a superstar. So that’s why I can’t bother with these fools gassing him up all of a sudden. I rather watch him dunk over Chris Anderson on repeat because he deserves that poster for rotating dumb late. You should do it, too.

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