Kaytranada – “At All”

09.10.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

Kaytranada by Nick Cooper

Who’s ready to dance at his/her cubicle? You? Well, of course considering you’re not working right now. How’d I know that? Well you’re reading this instead of tending to whatever you’re paid to do. So now you might as well jam to Kaytranada’s latest record since I caught you slipping. Just make sure your supervisor doesn’t do the same.

“At All” sees Kaytra solidifying his status as a versatile producer rather than a hip-hop beatmaker dabbling in dance. The beat is a prime cut for a party full of millenials…or one of those Soul Train spoofs on Youtube. Keep “At All” in your back pocket for the weekend or let it rock at your convenience. The song hits no matter the setting.

Photo: Nick Cooper

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