Keith Murray Just Poorly Trolled Everyone WIth A ‘Coming Out The Closet’ Announcement

Life Writer
01.05.16 8 Comments

The most beautifullest thing in the world damn sure isn’t when rappers resort to attention whoring, but congratulations to Keith Murray for playing himself Tuesday morning. The legendary ’90s era rapper called into HOT 97’s Ebro In The Morning radio show to make a very special announcement. The kind of announcement that Keith said would be bigger than Frank Ocean’s coming out and Bruce Jenner disclosing he’s a woman trapped inside a man’s body. So, obviously everyone thought Keith was about to finally “live in his truth” or whatever.

“I got a big announcement to make,” he started off. “It’s bigger than Frank Ocean and Caitlyn Jenner’s.” At this point, it’s like “Oh sh*t!” emojis and Ebro interrupts to guess the 41-year-old rapper is “turning into a woman.” Keith continued, “Keith Murray’s coming out the closet!” Sigh. After an uncomfortable pause and being asked “you’re gay?” by the show’s hosts, the Def Squad vet responded, “I’m gay!” Technically, yeah, but no.

As it turns out, Keith was just using Lil B’s patented trolling tactics. The rapper explained he was gay alright, but happy gay, not homosexual gay. He also explained he was “coming out the closet” with new music for you to ignore since there’s no country for “washed up” rappers. That’s not a diss. The fact that Keith friggin’ Murray has to fake being gay on radio to generate some interest kind of backs that up. Hell, you clicked on this one and will probably ignore the ‘Keith Murray Returns With….’ post that will likely follow at some point in the future.

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