Kellee Maize Makes American Movie Classics

07.19.11 6 years ago 9 Comments

Kellee Maize may spit like a don diva, but for her next act of verbal intercourse, she’s getting her Don Draper on. Mad Men, allow me introduce Mad Woman, a.k.a. Kellee Maize Female Rapper as she leaves a modified version of your theme song outlined in chalk. If her cinematography, rhyme collage mash-up was enough to keep you tuned in its entirety, check out some of previous offerings, including “Start None,” which was the start of her relationship with TSS.

Several artists take years to figure out exactly how they are, while Ms. Maize seems to have a firm handle on the twilight zone which appears to be the nucleus of her creativity. With a Mad Men rendition and two videos shot with a Red One in the bag, what will her next presentation depict?

Most likely, her walking on the moon. The real moon. Follow her on Twitter @KelleeMaize

Kellee Maize – “Mad Humans” Video

Kellee Maize – “Start None” Video

Kellee Maize – “Notice The End” Video

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