Kellee Maize – “Yesterday” Video

05.13.10 8 years ago 34 Comments

On account of increased competition and our collective attention span being about two centimeters tall, the new generation of successful rappers have been obligated to become all-inclusive genre jumpers. So, while cover-all artists like Drake and Bobby Ray continue to climb the charts, it’s only fitting that starving starlet Kellee Maize would chose a less aggressive and more remedial archetype for her first official video, “Yesterday.”

Ambitiously adding the title of “singer” around her aleady heavy resume of rapid fire raps, confident Hip-Hop and overall resilience, this Steel City native speaks on personal and public growth in this soul searching new single from her upcoming album, Age Of Feminine.

But, that’s the music. The video, on the other hand, is unfortunately God-awful.

First of all, this shoddy sequence of unorganized scenes is everywhere and nowhere at once. Are we doing unpracticed, choreographed dances, or mourning at the cemetery? Was shorty supposed to be Lil’ Kellee, or what? Was that SNES? Secondly, the overall quality was reminiscent of an elementary school instructional video, circa 1993. Oh, and you know that graffiti background you thought would jazz up the place, Mr. Videographer? Well, it looked like the background to the Saved By The Bell intro. Straight up.

So, to management at Maize enterprises, put down the Beta tapes and go cop Final Cut Pro. Call The Motion Family. Do something. Kellee’s music has so much potential, but in our visual-based 1080 mega-pixel society, her career will never take off with visuals that belong on amateur hour.

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