Kembe X Continues To Flex On His Latest Track, ‘Like Elijah’

01.20.16 2 years ago

Words By Jake Krez

I would challenge you to find a rapper that has been as consistent over the last couple of years as Kembe X. While maybe not the en vogue choice for the honor right now, the 20-year-old from Chicago has been steadily dropping true gems since skipping town to hang out with TDE on the coast. Well, if you don’t believe me, he did it again with his latest track, “Like Elijah” that dropped recently.

Sporting one of the most impressive baritones I’ve come across, Kembe delivers his layered bars with ease throughout over the heavy instrumental-facing production from Matt Genius and Kennana. The flow is smooth, the punchlines connect, the delivery is as calculated as would be necessary and the hook pulls it all together. I’m serious, put anyone up against Kembe’s output and you’ll be sadly disappointed. Objectivity jumped out the window with the first couple lines of this post but it’s warranted when covering an act like Kembe who’s quietly had one of the most impressive runs of quality music over the last year.

Listen to him get outta here “like Elijah!

Jake Krez is a writer from Chicago doing what’s necessary. Follow him on Twitter, @JakeKrez.

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