Kendrick Lamar On Troy Ave Diss: “Never Met Him, Never Really Focused On His Music Either”

06.10.14 4 years ago 34 Comments

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Kendrick Lamar is rap’s answer to LaDanian Tomlinson. He scores a lot of touchdowns, but foregoes elaborate celebrations in favor of flipping the ball to the ref and going about his business.

You’d think that fact would be universally respected, but it can be a double-edged sword. He’s one of rap’s definitive voices, but because Kendrick generally steers clear of knuckle-headed tabloids, that downtime in-between projects seems an eternity when compared to a Kanye or a Drake, guys who can dominate conversation for an entire week for reasons completely unrelated to music. The result? Publications reaching.

Kendrick is a simple dude, focused on his career, his circle and decidedly not whatever haters are still out there. We’ve known this for a while, but the fact is hammered home in an interview KIIS FM’s Nessa.

On his new album:

Yeah, I’m working… it’s not called [previously rumored United States Of Alarm]. That’s a good title,by the way. [laughs]

On Lupe’s recent comments regarding artists who are better than him:

Everybody entitled to their opinion. Feel me? I just continue to do what I do. But you know, everybody feels [how they feel] about different aspects of it. I just continue to do what I do.

On Troy Ave calling him a “weirdo rapper”:

I don’t even know what the definition [of a “weirdo rapper” is]. I’ve never met him. I never really focused on his music, either.

On buying a modest house and the Internet’s reaction:

I popped up and I seen that on the ‘Net, too. Like, where do they get this stuff? [laughing]. It’s real, but it’s not my spot. I really like to buy property. Whether it’s apartments, whether it’s buildings, whether it’s houses. I like, stay in LA. I still live in LA. Small little apartment condos in LA; I like to invest my money in different things, rather than just buying things for the moment. Something that can last me a lifetime.

On who he’s currently excited for in hip-hop:

Isaiah [Rashad]… SZA… it’s been a real drought, man. It’s been a drought for some music. But I’m sure everybody cooking up [new music].

On what success has done to him as a person:

What I learned about success, and having money and, you know, things around you, it just makes who you are ten times more. So if you were a drug addict before you get the money, you’re going to be a drug addict. You feel me? Whatever you did before that, ten times more. So I’ve always been a person who stayed to myself, and just, you know, focused on me and my people around me. And I think that’s what’s happening to me right now.

On Dr. Dre:

Yes, [he’s working on my album]. He’s focused on music. One thing about Dre is, you can’t take the music away from him. No matter how much money he has, he’s always going to be right there in that studio.

Just another day in the life of a professional.

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