Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy Performance Stole The Night And Drew Some Controversy

Life Writer
02.16.16 24 Comments
The 58th GRAMMY Awards - Show

So, Kendrick Lamar’s Grammy performance, huh? Naturally, everyone has an opinion on K.Dot’s intense and unapologetic set where he shook the night up with a passionate, politically-charged prison performance of “Hiiipower.” Kendrick and his chain gang of prisoners freed themselves before the Grammy winner took it to the motherland for an even more energetic performance that featured African dancers and a backdrop Africa for “Alright.” Basically, in terms of shock and praise, it was Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 performance on steroids.

Fans lauded the rapper for getting White America uncomfortable with his set’s imagery, as well as potent lyrics criticizing the system and owning his blackness. The performance was so passionate, many are predicting backlash, with one Twitter user tweeting, “Fox News is writing up reports about Kendrick as we speak like, ‘Thug Rapper Incites Hate Against Police.'”

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